Introducing Local Artists

Jessica Murtagh, Bendigo multimedia artist

“I consciously want to keep my practice experimental. This allows for me to explore the role of an artist as explorer or inventor. A strong focus in my practice is combining hand and machine techniques to create works on paper”

Paul Cox, Macedon Ranges

I was born in Hobart, Tasmania and like most people, had a love for drawing from a very young age. Taking every opportunity to sketch whether it be drawing freehand or copying the latest Andy Capp, Obelix and Asterix cartoons or the daily sketches of football and cricket players in the Hobart Mercury Newspaper.

I find inspiration from many of the old master artists such as: Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Salvador Dali, John Singer Sargent as well as a number of more contemporary artists such Norman Rockwell, Odd Nerdrum (who I also count as an old master), Catherine Abel, Jandamarra Cadd, Sergey Gusev, Yupari, Greg “Crayola Simkins and Todd Scherr just to name a few.

I’m currently focused on portraiture and surrealism using mostly oil paint.”

Elissa Sadgrove, iconography and graphic artist

“Drawing on my interest in graphic design, I create works of whimsical and idiosyncratic symbols. These symbols are analytical and playful responses to our visually loaded urban environments. With autobiographical themes and a sleek commercial appearance, my symbols revel in the styles, colours and meanings of commercial and information graphics”.

Beth Parnaby

“I have always had an interest in the healing potential of the creative arts. Experience has taught me that they provide a positive way of expressing feelings, and can lead to individual awareness of the power of the imagination. My belief that there is a spiritual dimension to the human experience defines my practice. There is an endlessly dynamic interaction between my inner reality and my day to day life.”

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