ArtsACTION Update – January 2022

Pop Up Art’s fourth delivery of the ArtsACTION program has been running since beginning August 2021.

With thanks to funding from Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and partnership with 8 regional Councils: Ballarat, Central Goldfields, Geelong, Melton, Mildura, Moorabool, Surf Coast, and Swan Hill.

It’s been wonderful to work with so many artists and creatives across these Victorian shires, offering them free professional development to grow their success.

This program is now complete. To stay in the loop for further opportunities subscribe to the Pop Up Art mailing list here


The ArtsACTION community is growing!

So far these online resources have been delivered to more than 600 people, with an additional 180+ attending the interactive workshops and 300+ networking and reaching out for support via our online platform.

Those participating have included emerging and professional creatives/artists. Many are from a visual arts background but there have also been musicians, writers, digital artists and arts workers.

Positive feedback from participants

Of those attending workshops, 100% surveyed found the workshops informative and 93% were inspired to take action, make change and expand their impact.

“Fantastic resources and professional support. The best I’ve had to support me in my ten+ years as a practicing artist.” – Ellen Sorenson, Ballarat

“They didn’t have answers. What they had were the questions. The questions that each individual has to ask themselves in order to succeed. Obviously the answers are different for everybody, so I left with even more questions than I entered with, which is a good thing. They make you think about what you need for your journey ahead, which is the best, unbiased advice of all.” – Nick Carpenter, Mount Franklin

“ArtsACTION is facilitated in a way that is so empowering…I learnt so much and it gave me that little bit of courage.” – Zoe Brogan, Metung


Heart-warming responses, and why you must participate

As gathered from participants who attended workshops:

What did you gain for yourself, or to enhance your career pathway/creative endeavours?

“I gained a framework that I can re visit, revise and refresh as time goes on. I learnt that others are in similar positions to myself, and that we are all on different distances of the creative journey.

How do you think today’s information/discussion will assist your career pathway/creative endeavours?

“By making connections with others in the group, finding new ideas for developing my art practice from others in the group and giving me some good prompts and ideas to build on to make some steps forward.

“I feel empowered to hear other stories, gain confidence, and a reminder it is all within my experience and my reach. To confidently promote my practice and seek ways to realize my goals.”

Anything you found particularly useful or surprising?

“I am surprised at how knowledgeable the workshop facilitators are. I have done some previous workshops with other organisations and I have had more knowledge than them. It’s great being someone who has worked in the industry for over 10 years to come across a course that can help to enhance already developed skills and support me while I reconfigure where my practice is going.”

“The breakout groups have been amazing. I’ve found another artist in a similar practice that I plan to contact. The prompts have been really good for diving a bit deeper into where I want this art business to go and how to get there.”

Any further comments?

“Thanks so much. You’ve done a great job and I’m really glad I signed up for this course. Thanks so much to the sponsors too for making this free.”

“Thanks for a great workshop series, I had a lot of fun and met some awesome people. It’s been very helpful especially in refining who I see my target audience as and how I can reach them, as opposed to just putting myself out there with no goals/target.”

“Fantastic workshop. Very informative and also supportive. ArtsACTION gave me the courage to see myself as an artist again after ten years of solo practice. Exactly the level of engagement and confidence boost I needed to continue with my current creative practices!”

This program is now complete, to stay in the loop for further opportunities, subscribe to the Pop Up Art mailing list here.

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