Artists and creatives are used to challenges! We know the fruits of this can be innovation, creation, inspiration – even when motivation is waning.

ArtsACTION is based in keeping our spirits up and remaining productive – regardless of circumstances. With this in mind we’ve recently delivered three workshops to nearly 300 participants, against the backdrop of catastrophic summer fires and Covid-19.

We have been impressed by the fortitude, resilience—and sheer will to grow—which was consistently expressed in the participation of creatives, artists and the creative sector as a whole.

The Central Victoria iteration is now complete, but as one door closes, another is open, thanks to Golden Plains Shire.

FREE to participate ArtsACTION will now be delivered entirely online: Jumpleads and Golden Plains Shire Council are happy to welcome people from all over Victoria up to and including September 2020. Get involved here!

What happened at the Central Victorian ArtsACTION workshops?

To start with, artists at the first workshop Being Market Ready, looked at what they need to do to present well for new opportunities. This included everything from telling their stories, presenting their work and sharpening their communication skills, in order to be heard.

We then collectively looked at Working Together Effectively, the 2nd workshop in the ArtsACTION series. The focus was on utilising the skills, support and resources of others.

Participants were provided with practical ideas to broaden networks and methods to collaborate. They were encouraged to become involved in new collective opportunities.

During the workshop, a number of people had the opportunity to pitch their business or project, including:

Through this:

  • some people realised they shared similar visions and joined forces – there and then!
  • others attracted enthusiastic project supporters, audiences, and volunteers
  • many left with a full contact list of people offering to assist
  • most came away feeling inspired

“Thanks so much for this workshop. It was a very good thing for me to have a go at my elevator pitch! I met a lot of interesting people and had some good discussions, as well as thinking about problem solving and working effectively in a team. It was great!”

ArtsACTION Digital Communities – the third workshop couldn’t have been timed better, as life, work, learning, and socialising all moved online due to the pandemic. This workshop was delivered via Zoom technology generously provided by Deakin University. More than 30 participants jumped online and had a go at connecting, navigating, interacting, collaborating and learning.

A big thanks to guest speakers Emma Clohesy from Happy Hands, Happy Heart and Rohit Thomas from Trio Agency.

Emma provided great advice on building an engaged community online and emphasised the need to provide great content that lives and breathes.


Rohit made some great comparisons on the different types of websites and e-commerce platforms to assist in selling work online.

Karen Le Rossignol presented the Deakin University digital regional arts park, currently in development, providing an opportunity for artists to get involved.

“Engaging in this style of meeting for the first time was awesomely inspiring and has just opened a world of opportunities to me”

“I found the language around digital communities very useful; the idea of what digital links are and what I already use; the difference between a digital platform and engagement with them.”

In all – a fabulous attempt at winning under extreme circumstances!

ArtsACTION was originally developed through funding by the Australia Government Building Better Regions Fund in partnership with the Shires of Bendigo, Macedon, Mt Alexander, and Hepburn. The next ArtsACTION program is now being delivered in partnership with Golden Plains Shire. Participation and registration details here.

If you’re interested to run ArtsACTION in your Shire or Region, get in touch to receive a FREE consultation session via: [email protected]

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