White Shoe Box Gallery

White shoe box LO RES

The White Shoe Box Gallery was on show 13th to 22nd March 2015 at the Theatre Royal, Castlemaine.

Thanks to all the Artists who exhibited , the volunteers and The Theatre Royal Castlemaine as our generous hosts.

Here’s a quick review of the exhibition. Photos here on our Facebook gallery and  a written wrap up of the White Shoe box here.



One thought on “White Shoe Box Gallery

  1. I love the current course and finding the process an interesting challenge. I’ve never considered my work anything special so selling myself is HARD!!

    REPLY: Hi Virginia, Thanks for your feedback. I think most creatives have a challenge representing themselves in a way that “sells”.
    Hence our work on this course for what we hope provides a new look and a breakthrough for those willing to consider the challenge and do the work.
    As Robert Hughes said ““The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.”
    Giving yourself another perspective we hope will give others the access to whats unique and special about you and your work.
    Look forward to hearing what comes out of the assignments! 🙂

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