Resources for artists and creatives

Australian Storytelling

The Australian perspective is one of diversity, depth, and density. Telling your story as an Australian is an original and authentic source of inspiration. Check …

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Art in a Digital Age

In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, it is important for Creatives to adapt in the face of change. Check out these links …

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How to Engage Your Creativity

Learning to engage and control your creative energy as a professional, is essential to having a productive practice. Here’s a couple of videos to help …

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Putting a Price on Creativity

Knowing how to price your work as a Creative is challenging. The finished product not only represents the hours put into it, but also the …

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Take Action to support your creative practice!

Subscribe for FREE materials & professional support that hundreds of other artists and creatives across Australia have enjoyed. Provided by Not For Profit and registered charity Pop Up …

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Creating your best portfolio

It takes time and effort to put together a good portfolio, but it’s an essential element to being market ready. Here’s some great videos to …

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