Get REAL for Christmas

Take the opportunity this Christmas to buy real and handmade work from your local artists with these 5 easy steps:

1. Find the art you like
Visit the small works from a Big Place exhibition [find out when and where to visit the exhibition here]. Take note of the number on the art you like and locate the artwork number in the catalogue here.

2. Find the artist who made it
Find the artist contact details from the catalogue and link directly to the artist contact page.

3. Make a purchase you love
Contact the artist directly to purchase the art you like.

4. Frame it
Buy a frame yourself, or take it to a framer.

5. Keep it or gift it
Give it to your friends or family as a special Christmas gift. You might like it so much, you want to keep it for yourself!

Find out more by listening to the ABC Central Victorian radio interview, with radio presenter Derek Guille, Project Director Sharon Seyd and Central Victorian artist Helen Fraser:


Find out more at

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