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Profile Building for Creatives

Course Outline

Pop Website Poster

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16 thoughts on “Online Course

  1. I can’t find link to courses or open anything….

    REPLY: Hi Sophie, you’re very close!
    Just click on the Course Outline tab on the website (above),
    That also shows you the Course Questions and Feedback tab.
    You should have received the 2 units via email already
    but you can see them here also/
    Thanks for your participation.

  2. I have found what looks like a course outline/list of things that might be covered in a course but no content. Is it an interactive format?
    REPLY: Hi Julie, the first unit has been published and if you did’nt receive it via email, you can also view it here on the website.
    Unit 2 will be published in about 2 hours today so you should see it on your email.If not, let us know.


  3. Thanks Kevin, for your support in mailing each week and providing a place for people to ask questions. Pop Up Art would not exist without the SUPER generous contributions, from a dedicated team of volunteers. Feb 2015 marks the beginning of our 4th year on the job. if current funding strategies work ( …..always a big if ? ) 2015 will be a BIG year. Thanks for hanging in there with us ! Sharon

  4. Hi
    have tried to register but I don’t receive the email to complete the process, have checked spam and not there either

    REPLY: Hi Donna,
    If you’ve entered your name and details on our “keep me posted” page you’ll receive the first course module #1 on Jan 6.
    Not sure what other email you were waiting for to complete the process.
    Did that answer your query?

  5. Is the course free if one lives in another state?

    REPLY: Yes Carol it’s free for everyone who has entered their name and details via our “keep me posted’ page.

  6. yep i am having problems getting past the adds that keep popping up when i try to register but i figure i am also on the mailing list. cheers

    REPLY: Yes Karen, you’re on the list!

  7. hi sophie marie, Thank for your message. you are already registered on our mailing list so you will receive the course modules.Let us know if you you don’t receive an email reminder on 1/12/14. cheers, Kevin

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