Course Feedback & Questions


11 thoughts on “Course Feedback & Questions

  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have found this course has given me the incentive to think more carefully about my art marketing, particularly in the area of portfolios. It is the first time I have taken an overview of my entire art journey as I am usually focused on what is happening right now or in my current body of work. The articles each week were inspiring and relevant and the course content gave clear instructions. An enjoyable experience… I will miss the weekly emails!

  2. I found this course a timely reminder for exposing myself as an artist and my work to a wider audience. Unfortunately, creating the work is not enough and marketing/promotion takes an ever more important place in an artists life. Thank you for this helpful tool to make it a bit easier!

    REPLY: Thanks Brigit for taking the time to let us know how it was for you. Glad to hear it was a useful way to support your art and practice. cheers, Kevin

  3. Great Ideas and Info. It’s got me very motivated an Unstuck form this seemingly difficult and endless task. Re-framed: and exciting new challenge, with great results in sight. Love the Process. Thanks!

  4. I’m finding the course to be really great; achievable, helpful, makes me think, etc. etc.. I love that the units build on each other without being at all repetitive, and that the reading/clips attached to each unit are accessible and not too long. Short and snappy – got to love that! And having the course start at the beginning of the year has been fantastic for me – really got me into a positive frame of mind and has spurred on some art making! Have recommended the course to lots of artist friends. Thanks heaps.

    REPLY: Thanks so much for the feedback, Meg. Great to know you are getting results out of the course assignments. Very happy to hear that!

  5. Im finding this course really helpful. is a great way to sort through the relevant things and to have the time to actually give time to what you want to look like in the end. thank you.

  6. This course is really relevant and insightful. I am enjoying the weekly units. Thanks, Tas

    REPLY: Thank you Tas! for the feedback. Much appreciated.
    Have fun doing your Portrait project this week.

  7. Thank you to all who are running the course! These few units have been so motivating and breaks everything down into small manageable chunks. Can’t wait for the next instalments. 🙂

    REPLY: WOW! thank you so much Tesa, for the good vibes and the positive feedback. We’re pleased it’s providing value for you. Next unit coming on Tuesday. Standby! 😉

  8. Thank you, I think this course will be very helpful 🙂
    REPLY: Thanks a lot for your encouragement. We hope you get lots out of your participation!

  9. thanks for the Ted talk. asking has always been something i’ve struggled with. I have started to change that over the last few years as I realised I was limiting myself. this will keep that change going..

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