Consultation Report


date: 10/10/2013

The total of 9 artist community meetings have now been conducted around the three participating shires of Mount Alexander, Hepburn and Macedon in central Victoria.

The evenings were equally informative, inspiring and strongly supported by our artist communities and the ideas and information gleaned there contains a rich, beneficial array illustrative of the diversity across the region.

Thanks to all of you who contributed your venues, delightful menus, assistance, creativity, ideas and time participating in our gatherings.

Consultation with the arts communities has been one way in which the waters have been tested. This report concentrates solely on the process and the findings of the consultation. Detailed analysis and interpretation of these findings, as they relate to the viability and ongoing development of Pop Up Art enterprise initiatives, will be incorporated into the Feasibility Report.

Read all about it: what artists across the 3 shires said:

Click here if you’d like to read the final Consultation Report document which was submitted to all three councils on 7/10/2013.

It will be presented in the coming weeks during the various councillor briefings of each shire council.

Following that, we will be crafting the Feasibility Report for the future development of the Pop Up Art project.


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