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Provided by Not For Profit and registered charity Pop Up Art

Jess Suljendic, Artist

Nick Carpenter, Musician

Megan J Riedl, Writer


This FREE six-part info-mailer resource pack provides inspiration and practical information to get you thinking and taking action around developing your creative practice.

It’s designed to get you thinking in and around various topics, in order to become clearer on your own point of view; and develop new solutions or more productive approaches to your career navigation.

When you subscribe you will receive six separate emails, as Units #1 – #6 covering these themes:

  • Unit #1: designing your public profile
  • Unit #2: clarifying your career goals
  • Unit #3: building your team
  • Unit #4: working collaboratively
  • Unit #5: finding your story
  • Unit #6: developing digital connections

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This initiative is part of Arts ACTION, activating pathways for creatives. For more information and to get involved in other opportunities on offer, visit: www.popupart.com.au/artsaction

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