Arts ACTION: Inspiring effective leadership in the arts

We are thrilled to be a successful recipient of a Federal Government Building Better Regions grant, to deliver a new initiative: Arts ACTION. This grant will enable us to continue our work in supporting artists/creatives to be viable businesses and contribute to the growth of the Central Victorian Creative Community.

It’s clear that artists and creatives want greater opportunities for exposure. They need support in development of skills, methods and frameworks to maximise new career opportunities. Arts ACTION, an education, training and development program, will assist creatives get into action on building and fine tuning their business model, as well as expanding capability, productivity, and aspiration. This will support greater market reach and art sales.

The program consists of 3 practical components

  1. CALL to action: Online engagement and info-training

Direct educational mailers to inspire participation, sector leadership and increased professionalism for greater individual & sector productivity

  1. Action PLANNING: Training and development workshops

Topics covered include business development, being market ready, and accessing innovative creative online platforms for e-commerce marketing and sales

  1. GROWING action: Opportunities to grow business

Opportunity A Be part of a working group for artists to organise future exhibition opportunities collectively

Opportunity B Apply and participate in Deakin University’s innovative online model ‘a virtual gallery ‘ to enable ongoing artist connectivity, growth and access to new markets

More information and registration details are coming very soon. Stay tuned and join our mailing list for upcoming opportunities.

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